5 Tips to Recruiting a Graphic Designer

18 Mar 5 Tips to Recruiting a Graphic Designer

It can be difficult to find a graphic designer that has the ability to not only execute the tasks at hand but also utilize their design aesthetic and vision that works best with your purpose and goals. Here are 5 tips to recruiting a graphic designer.


  1. With the digital marketplace expanding, there are now plenty of websites dedicated to providing opportunities for graphic design freelancers and clients. Check reviews, be very explicit in your requirements and spend some time researching prospective freelancers.
  2. Ask around. Everyone usually knows someone who knows someone, if they do not know anyone directly. Ask your colleagues and associates if they have graphic designer recommendations. Often times, referrals are the best source of great graphic design freelancers.
  3. Post a job on a job searching website. LinkedIn and Career Builder are some good suggestions to begin the job search with a professional career-oriented platform. The graphic designers that have these profiles are usually very established and knowledgeable within their field.
  4. Post a job on a college or university website. College career counselors love enabling outside businesses to recruit their students for internship work, whether it’s for school credit or for pay. Real world experience is a great resume builder and something that the graphic design student can use in their portfolios.
  5. Attend graphic design related events and network. Networking is one of the best ways for graphic designers to find jobs and for their clients to get to know them in a relaxed, yet intentional setting. Several events occur in a variety of cities, so do some research and sign up!