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01 Dec André Gonçalves Design – Lunar Industries

Lunar Industries Ltd. is the mysterious company from the movie Moon, directed by Duncan Jovens, which plays out in the year 2035. It is the world’s largest producer offusion energy, the solar energy captured on moon rocks, carried by the H3 element — helium3 — harvested by machines on the face of the Moon. Lunar produces enough energy to support nearly 85% of the world’s population needs.

We begin by seeing the entity as revolutionary in the energetic field and because of the good impact it has on the planet. The company presents itself as such. However, as the story unfolds, we understand that Lunar Industries hides one of its sides and that behind the innovating politics are dark and upsetting secrets which put the brand’s integrity at risk.

This dynamic and repetitive act of showing and hiding is a central point in the development of my proposition for the rebranding of the company’s graphic identity. That repetition, not only is explicit in the movie, but it will also be in the presentation of this new identity. Cloning, daily routines, the moon’s cycles, the cycle of energey harvesting, are some of the concepts in the movie that support this approach.


João Cruz


Design Graduates FBAUP ’17 Exhibition — Sem Retorno

oMuseu — Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto

July 2017

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