Creative Agency Salad Designs New Brand Identity and Website for Consortiq

30 May Creative Agency Salad Designs New Brand Identity and Website for Consortiq

Consortiq, one of the prominent entrepreneurial ‘disruptors’ within the drone business has just unveiled a bold new brand identity and website with their creative partner, Salad, in a bid to dominate the industry.

Similarly to Uber and Tesla, Consortiq was brought into existence by a group of extremely entrepreneurial people. With a disruptive attitude and business strategy in place, Consortiq went on the search hired Salad to act as an extension of their team to design a credible and distinctive identity.

Through a strategic workshop, we began by defining the Consortiq values as entrepreneurship, drive, passion and smart and distilled the creative articulation down to “We innovate. You achieve.” which informed the visual transformation.

Structural flexibility was achieved by the typography and marque combining to create a logo system. Cropped versions of the C and Q letterforms are used to create a bracket device to frame the logotype. The shape of which was inspired by a view finder (associated with filming and photography). The logo retains some reference back to the existing logo with the capital Q but it makes more sense in this context as it has the ability to work across all of the brand name and hierarchical name requirements.

By positioning secondary text outside of the brackets, we could incorporate as much or as little text as we like. Brackets could be applied to any of the sub-brands which effectively creates new logos that are immediately recognizable as part of the Consortiq group. We used a deep blue grey as a foundation for the colour palette to provide a subtle corporate feel which compliments and contrasts with a vibrant yellow to create a lot of impact. The yellow was chosen because it has a lot of personality and it stood out from the sea of blue competitor brands. The lead typography is Pressua Mono which establishes a technical feel. In order to line-up the angles of the brackets logo device, we created a bespoke ‘Q’ for the logo typography which also gives a well-balanced and refined overall feel.

The website was designed with an unconventional menu and navigation. As a rapidly growing business, the site map was likely to grow so we took the decision to use a burger menu to focus visitors on the key areas of the site. The use of the bold yellow prevents the menu from getting lost. As a result, the design and layout are more dynamic and unique to the Consortiq brand. As with all of our design work, the desktop layout has been designed that optimizes well at mobile screen sizes and retains the distinctive look and feel. The result of the chosen route is an ultra-contemporary styling that aligns with the entrepreneurial, tech start-up and consultancy sectors to ensure standout.

“Everyone in our team has fallen in love with the identity but for me, the greater response (and a more valuable measurement of our success) was the number of people who want to talk to us that wouldn’t normally. At the AUVSI Xponential conference in Dallas, there was a point when all of our team were busy and the three people waiting for a chance to talk to us were from Nasa, Google and Amazon Prime Air. That’s the real win.” – Ben Keene, Director of Operations, Consortiq.