A New Look for Polish Fashion Brand by Aleksander Znosko

03 Mar A New Look for Polish Fashion Brand by Aleksander Znosko

Aleksander Znosko, of Warsaw Poland, gives us a brief overview of the design of the fashion brand, 303 Avenue:

“303 Avenue is a Polish fashion brand founded in 2010 by Marzenna Niemoczyńska, who combines in her collections the contemporary fashion with feminine subtlety. Designed in soft colors, clothes of 303 Avenue are characterized by excellent workmanship and attention to every detail. The color range includes black, graphite and pastel. All collections are created in their own sewing room from the highest quality fabrics imported from Italy and France. Products of this brand regularly appear in the Polish editions of fashion magazines. 

“The aim of the project was arranging the already existing visual communication of the brand in a way that would be characterized by cohesion and would reflect its characteristics in the most accurate way. All designed, printed materials are characterized by minimalism in terms of form, subtle colors and the use of the best quality papers.”

Source: Aleksander Znosko