Bib & Tucker

Food & Beverage
About This Project

Bib & Tucker is a restaurant and bar on Leighton Beach in Fremantle, Western Australian and is the latest venture by Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan. We were given the name and an empty, fairly non-descript white box situated on the beach. End of Work invented a back-story around two dandified bandits, Bib and Tucker, from mid-1800’s Fremantle, an early Australian version of Bonnie and Clyde. The story goes that they would have been just as likely to compliment you on your exquisite taste in shoes as to relieve you of your wallet. This theme of ‘elegant rascality’ set the tone for the project and working with Romy Alwill and Will Dangar we utilised a stripped-back colour palette and tactile, rustic materials to build a brand with grit and authenticity and a tiny splash of elegance.


Designed by End of Work