A Conversation Piece

Personal, Publishing
About This Project

“When I developed my promotional campaign for a couple of design studios that I have always admired, I realised that it’s not enough to get someone’s attention by talking in a one way direction. Great communication works both ways and in many different ways. I wanted us to get to know each other before our first meeting. Living in two different parts of the world have never stopped pen pals from getting to know each other. The campaign is a conversation through different mediums via a set of post cards sent every week to the design studios. Each card reveals something about me and invites the receiver to reply back and create parts of the content. Listen Up introduces an open Spotify playlist with great working music. Let the playlist grow! Taste This reveals the simplest chocolate cake recipe for a busy afternoon at the office. Share your masterpiece with others via a specific Instagram tag. When the fifth post card was sent from Sydney airport it was time for me to fly back to Sweden. When returning to Stockholm a series of personal posters was posted outside each studio which for the first time revealed my name and lead to my portfolio campaign site made specifically for the people at these studios.”


Designed by Freja Hedvall