Desenho Ibérico

Designed by

Studio Waba



Architecture & Design
About This Project

The main briefing was for a furniture catalog and a systems catalog, which worked together. Two books, false twins, one for general public (Collection) and the other one more technical (Systems).


Our client, Desenho Ibérico, is about construction and construction is about geometry. Geometry was our path. Geometry is about combing the basics to achieve more complex forms. The C and the S came out of this thought and are the identity of the project.


In the process of making the catalog we came across a problem: the cost per unit has high. So, the leaflet/poster was created. With a low cost, the poster is a fun piece that everyone visiting the showrooms and regular exhibitions of Desenho Ibérico can take and hang on their walls at home. The catalog became a premium piece that Desenho Ibérico addresses to premium clients.