Gelato Mio

Food & Beverage
About This Project

Gelato Mio is an artisan gelateria in Queensland. Owned by Karen and Claudio Giulietti, this hidden gem crafts authentic Italian gelato using traditional techniques and only the best local produce.


“Branding a gelateria is just one of those jobs that doesn’t really feel like work at all. From the get-go we wanted the concept to be playful and appeal to all ages. The slight retro style of the graphics and use of typography played to the artisan nature of the product and a more mature audience.”


“We applied a gelato colour palette and playfully illustrated a gelato air balloon, which would become the mascot of the brand. We wanted to bring to life a child like fantasy.


We are so pleased that this imaginative and fun identity represents our favourite gelateria. A double scoop of nocciola please!”


Designed By: Squad Ink