Giles Duley

About This Project

Giles Duley is a British documentary photographer and photojournalist with ten years of editorial experience within the fashion and music industries and who now works internationally with many NGOs to document those fighting adversity. He is known for capturing humanitarian issues, the consequences of conflict and the human spirit with dignity, creating through his photographs an “intimacy and empathy” for lives that differ from ours only in circumstance.


His brand identity, a combination of a familiar but well executed sans-serif logotype, the subtlety of a blind emboss and deboss print finish, and an uncoated, unbleached, mixed fibre set of boards created by London based Shaz Madani, neatly avoids appearing flashy or individually expressive, and instead has a modesty and truth to materials that feels appropriate for the themes of Giles’ work. It is a small project with few assets but with a sensitivity and restraint not often seen so well handled.


Designed by Shaz Madani