Jewish Culture Festival

About This Project

Visual identity and promotional materials for 23rd Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.


The Krakow Jewish Culture Festival is an international cultural event with a tradition dating back over 20 years. However, in recent times, the Festival had started to struggle with its identity, at both visual and socio-cultural levels. Organisers felt the event was becoming somewhat stagnant and antiquated. And so, in an attempt to communicate Jewish culture as being something more than just mere Klezmer music, the organising committee engaged Cracow-based agency Studio Otwarte to help refresh the event.


The designers avoided adopting any symbols from what they call the “Jewish compulsory kit” – Star of David, hamsa, menorah, etc. Instead, the new logo makes use of Biblical symbolism, namely, the Lion of Judah, which is the symbol of the Israelite tribe of Judah in the Book of Genesis. A homogenous visual identity system was subsequently created around the new logo, restricted to a palette of black, white and gold colours. Associated identity materials included posters, stationery and a signage system.


Designed by Studio Otwarte