Linville Falls

Leisure & Tourism, Real Estate
About This Project

Linville Falls is a family-run campground located in North Carolina.


“North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful land in the United States. As a native of New England, I was most familiar with the northeastern portion of the country. An extended vacation in North Carolina sparked one of the most humbling projects I’ve been a part of. While developing this identity, environmental standards and affordability were top of mind in delivering a lasting brand identity with little maintenance.


Environmental friendliness was paramount. By utilizing a stamp, we were able to drastically reduce waste in excess printed materials. It’s also a selfishly rewarding way of creating a lasting impression — pun intended.


All said and done, developing this brief identity for the great folks of Linville Falls Campground was extremely rewarding. I would, without a doubt, recommend a trip to North Carolina to anybody. It’s easily one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast with fantastic trails and breweries.”


Designed by Stephen Meszaros