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About This Project

Vinosapiens is an online wine shop that offers a great variety of organic and traditional wines and spirits. It also offers a variety of wine-tasting courses, trips and consulting for choosing wine for restaurant or personal use.


Our proposal comes in direct contrast to most other wine-related brands, stuffy and pretentious. While Vinosapiens still retains the serious and sober tone proper for wine and its traditional background, it has a friendly and casual demeanor that is welcoming and open especially for those unfamiliar with the ample world of wine.
The naming is a combination of the words ‘vino’, the Spanish word for wine, and sapiens, the Latin word meaning wise. One definition for ‘wisdom’ states that one who is wise is someone who knows how to choose. The naming, combined with the happy wine bottle icon, conveys and image of trust and friendliness. The circled marks on the stationery reinforce the idea of choosing as a form of wisdom.


Our choice in uncoated black paper stamped with the touch of silver foil reflects Vinosapiens’ good taste and excellent quality in service.


Designed by Anagrama