3 Mistakes that Every Designer Makes

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07 Apr 3 Mistakes that Every Designer Makes

Every designer can recall a project or design that just didn’t work out the way they planned. From poor typography to forgetting bleeds, we all have experienced one set back here and there. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these mistakes in the future. Here are 3 mistakes that every designer makes and a tip on how to avoid them:

  1. Typography is key to any design. It reflects the aesthetic and the brand. However, when a typography mistake is made, it can lead to ineligibility, too many typefaces, and degradation of the tone. Stick to two or three fonts per piece and pair a sarif with a sans sarif font.
  2. White space can make or break a design. We can often fall into the trap of not having enough information or having too much to fill into one space. Keep padding in mind, and make sure each element has its own room. Grids are very helpful in achieving this, as considering equal space amongst elements is key.
  3. Forgetting bleeds and packaging is a quick way to potentially lose a client and damage a project. Packaging ensures proper placement and delivery of the project, and bleeds ensure proper cutting by the printer. Avoid this potential mistake by sticking to specifications and check bleed requirements before you start the project!

Bonus Tip: See below for a great infographic found on 99designs.com for staying organized!

(99designs.com) www.pinterest.compin98305204338522477

(99designs.com) www.pinterest.compin98305204338522477