Design Tips

10 Nov Luxurious Letterpress Designs

Letterpress printing allows you to bring your designs to life, giving them a beautiful, dimensional finish. This method imprints your design onto stock for variety of means, such as invites,...

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06 Oct Art Made out of Fallen Leaves

Self-taught artists, Kristi Botkoveli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridze, create paintings out of fallen leaves. With leaves as their canvas, their images are both intricately detailed and beautifully painted.Source:

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08 Jul Incredibly Realistic Oil Paintings By Mike Dargas

Large portraits painted in oil featuring light reflections, color grading and the use of photographic characteristics to underline the realistic effect.Source:

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Reno Nogaj15

13 May T-shirt designs by Reno Nogaj

T-shirts can be a great medium for design to express creativity on a relatively large canvas with lots of outreach potential.Source:

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29 Apr Hand Painted Paper Bags

Reusable, hand painted paper bags. A perfect medium and material to convey design, even in the simplest form.Source:

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