Andrée Daisley


Częstochowa, Poland

About This Project

Andrée Daisley Barber Shop received its name in 2007, when Andrée took the shop over from grandfather Franck Daisley. Here it began its transformation into the contemporary hotspot it is today. It’s a comfortable mixture of new and old; classic and current. Though Andrée has owned and managed the shop from then until now, the shop itself is over 50 years old under the other moniker Franck Daisley. Andrée used to work as a wardrobe stylist in New York. However, familial obligations brought her back to Marseille and she’ll tell you it’s where she was meant to be. Andrée is always honest, even when the truth may not be what you want to hear, so don’t be alarmed if she tells you your hair isn’t the same as Brad Pitt’s or your head is lumpy. She’s just looking out for your best interests.