Arkhe & Botanic

Food & Beverage, Health Care
About This Project

This branding came from the idea of senses. How can we heal senses. During the branding of ‘A&B’ there was a lot of research on herbs and how many years ago in the Victorian period they were used to heal humans problems with senses. Moving away from the old fashioned and to the new we found the majority of people drink herb infusions for coughs and colds. So the question came. Why don’t we create some herbal mixtures and turn them into herbal infusions to cure people who have problems with there senses.


The research on the name what seemed forever. Finally coming up with ‘Arkhe & Botanic’. ‘Arkhe’ which is an origin word for old fashioned mixed with ‘Botanic’ which is usually used in medical or cosmetic products. Perfect for the brand so there we go freshly launched branding brief.


Designed by Emily Goater