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About This Project

Respice – Independent Republic, opened its doors on June 6th, 2013 in South Miami, FL. It is the new approach to what we know today as a concept store, with products from all around the world. But not just any product, unique accessories and lifestyle items that are made by independent brands and designers. Respice becomes the stage for the best independent fashion brands in the world.


Respice means “to look” in latin language. If taken literally, re-spice could also mean to spice up again, spice up the life with apparels and accessories. The costumers can find plenty of different eyewear brands from around the world in the store, so we were looking for a symbol that is easily associated with the product. The eyes of the dragonfly are iconic, thats why we chose this beautiful little insect as the sign of the logo, as it has a remarkable eye structure.


Designed by Eszter Laki