Items d’Ho

About This Project

ITEMS D’HO is a chain store that sells suitcases, briefcases, leather goods and jewelry. It defines itself as a store that sells everyday products, because its jewelry is intended for daily use and its leather goods, briefcases and wallets are designed as the perfect day-to-day companions for school, university or the office. The chain had once been a landmark boutique in the city for creative and quality products, but the brand had slowly lost its positioning. When the brand was purchased by a new owner, he asked us for a much needed repositioning of its identity.


Items: This deliberately broad definition of the products that the store offers consumers is the brand’s true differentiating factor. These items, especially intended for daily use, needed to be represented in a form that was desirable and had identity. Four stacked boxes form the “i” at the beginning of the brand’s name, and this simple concept becomes a graphic language that can be used to develop diverse shapes in an infinite sequence of variables that extend the identity to any application that requires it. The color combination of salmon and black alternate in positive and negative and add the variable of color to the corporate image, which is applied consistently through the interiors, window dressings, sales surfaces and surrounding graphics.


Designed by Mucho