Vantage College Advisors

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About This Project

VantageCollegeAdvisors is a USA based college advising company. It has been in the business of helping students navigate the competitive admission and scholarship process for over fifteen years.


We were asked to develop a prestigious, modern & aesthetic corporate identity. We began the branding process with the logo design. Simple & strong monochrome V symbol referring to the most important word in the company name (Vantage), was complemented by a individually tailored typography.


After creating the logo we moved on to designing corporate materials. We wanted to keep it clean and professional but stylish at the same time. For stationary our choice was a combination of smooth white paper + high quality tinted black paper finished with black overprint & silver hot-stamping technique. Additionally we designed a custom stamp to seal envelopes with silver wax & a black glossy signboard with metal logo.


When the corporate identity was finished, we focused on designing the company’s information brochure. At the end, we took care of the production process of the entire corporate identity and shipping it safely to the USA.


Designed by artentiko